Quick steps on creating your first social media case study

2 min readOct 20, 2021

First off, this blog post is for you if this is your first time creating case studies as a social media manager (Hello newbie!)

So recently, I searched for how to create case studies as a social media manager for my portfolio but just couldn’t find websites/blogs that fully broke down how to write one especially as a social media manager.

I was able to put some ideas together from different platforms together and decided to share some of my findings with you.

Start with client’s bio

Firstly, who is your client?

You need to give a brief preview about the brand. What service/product they offer, their brand voice, colours and basically anything that has to do with the brand and their social media.

What was the challenge?

Why were you hired as the social media manager/freelancer? What were you trying to fix for the brand? This is the slide where you mention all of that. You can also include any extra challenges you noticed on the brand’s social media pages.

Social media goals

Next up is the goals. Try listing out the goals you wanted to achieve after listing out the challenges. Most times, it is important that these goals are in line with the brand’s goals so you're not going overboard. They could also tie directly to the challenges listed in the previous slide or create new goals to fit the brand’s goals.

What did you do?

Describe what you did to achieve success. You need to list out the strategies, research and marketing plans you created and applied to help achieve the goals of the brand. If it’s not too much you can choose to also include videos, graphics or other materials used in achieving your goals.

The results?

Wrap it up with success. You need to show that the strategies you implemented were a success in this slide. Include metrics and ROI in this final slide. If you have reviews from the brand owner or members of the social media team, you can also include them here.

And we are done. After days of trying to come up with something, I'm glad I was able to figure this out and share it on here.